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revamp and revitalize with violethause!

interior decorating
virtual and in-person sessions,
moodboards, produ
ct lists, room makeovers


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No space is too small or too big, every space deserves to feel like home.

At violethause, we believe in a unique approach to elevating or transforming your space.

We blend your existing items with carefully chosen new pieces to create an updated, fresh aesthetic that perfectly matches your taste and budget.

We consider both function and style essential in every design. We can assess your belongings to ensure they complement your lifestyle!

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"Jesica Hauser, the owner of Violethause Interiors, shares how label makers can be a cost-saving tool, “Properly labeling your items, specifically food and personal care items, can save you money in the long run. You'll be less likely to accidentally purchase that second box of cookies or an extra package of crayons for your kids if you can clearly see where you are with your items inventory-wise."

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Design Plans

Includes planning your design and room layout, sourcing items/products, set-up and a free virtual session for you to use after project completion.

Large rooms: $450/ room
Small rooms: $350/room
Fully Virtual Option:

$200/ room


Need help redoing your entire closet? Unpacking and organizing that extra bedroom that’s filled with random boxes? Pantry/Kids Play Room? We’ve got you covered!

In-Person Only: $50/ hour

Mini Session

Covers 2 hrs and a product list. We will discuss your needs & come up with a design style together. I provide options for each item at different price points (furniture, decor, paint colors, etc.) Perfect if you just need a little help!

Virtual Only: $150

Recent Projects

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